Fighting the Fight against Cancer, Mental Health and other Bad Stuff!

Will do custom Shout Out Pictures for individuals that need a lift.  Also available for charity events and lifting spirits..

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At we are committed to helping those in need. I am a cancer survivor. I was lucky enough to have a stranger come up to me while I was on vacation. It just so happened, he was a professor of dermatology. I was on a boat cruise enjoying the beautiful view in Hawaii where upon after he introduced himself. He asked me to promise to have a mole on my back checked. I politely said thank you and kind of shrugged it off. After about a month, I decided to have it checked out and it was indeed a melanoma. I was truly blessed as it turned out to be melanoma in situ which is also called stage 0 melanoma. It means there are cancer cells in the top layer of skin (the epidermis). The melanoma cells are all contained in the area in which they started to develop and have not grown into deeper layers of the skin. If melanoma is recognized and treated early it is almost always curable. If it is not, the cancer can advance and spread to other parts of the body, where it becomes hard to treat and can be fatal. While it is not the most common of the skin cancers, it causes the most deaths. Due to this amazing encounter, all I ended up with was a very large scar on my back. 

My daughter also had some mental health issues where she had a very tough time. She will be adding her story in hopes of helping others very soon

Our Goal is to Motivate, and Lift Spirits of those in need! is committed to doing this through creating and sending you custom shout out pictures! You want to hold up a sign saying, “Stay Strong Mike”, “This too shall pass Mary”, Happy Birthday Jake”, “Mean people suck”, “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life Steve”? Get creative as this is for you and it's all about lifting peoples spirits in need. will also make personal appearances for a child or person in need of a smile or a hug. We can’t be everywhere, but we are committed to trying to give back to those who need that extra motivation. 

The service that is providing is completely free. This is my families way of "Paying it Forward" to others. If you would like to support one of the amazing causes on this site to include the American Cancer Society, National Alliance on Mental Illness or ComiCare who brightens the day of hospitalized children by delivering comic books, please feel free to donate. I have included a donate button to the organizations below. is not associated with any of the organizations listed on this site. 

💙 Comicare Crusader

💙 Comicare Crusader

Where to go to learn more

Cancer Awareness


" I didn't just get the cure to el cancer, I got the cure to el everything."

Find out more

Mental Health Awareness


 It’s just a bad day, not a bad life! 

Find out more

Bad Bullies / Good You


Repeat after me: “We are all individuals”

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Want to Donate to an Amazing Cause?

American Cancer Society

Donate to ACS

National Alliance Mental Illness

Donate to NAMI

Heart of a Hero


We inspire, motivate and 

empower children who need it most

Donate to Heart of a Hero

Isabella McCune is a RockStar!

What an amazing little girl Comicare and I had the pleasure of spending time with! Isabella, the other children, the parents and staff at Maricopa Integrated Health System in Mesa Arizona

X-Force is Here

Providing awareness on “Fighting the Fight” at Westgate Mall, Arizona 


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Julius Photography


Tony Julius and his wife Jamie are a couple Super Heros !! Remember "Looks are Everything, you ever hear David Beckham speak?"

Joe "Zeff" Hyde


Words alone can’t express the gratitude that DeadpoolCameo has for Joe “Zeff” Hyde and his wife Dawn. Our paths crossed when I first started this journey to “Pay it Forward” to others. Zeff has been an inspiration, motivator and an amazing friend since the beginning.  He has been an integral part of assisting DeadpoolCameo become what you see today. 

Ricky Mena - Heart of a Hero


Ricky Mena and his wife Kendall are a true inspiration. When I reached out to him he welcomed me with open arms. The positive vibes from this incredible couple is unlike anything I have ever seen. These two are “Angels” sent from heaven that impact so many peoples lives that I feel compelled to share it with everyone I know. Check out and read about this amazing man and all he does to give back.

The Artist - Ren Nunez


Ren and Tammy are the most geniune people that I have the pleasure of knowing. Ren 's passion for art started at an early age, "Maximum Effort"  

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